Customer Service on the Internet
Building Relationships, Increasing Loyalty, 
and Staying Competitive 
2nd Edition
by Jim Sterne

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It used to be unique. Then it was a competitive edge. Today, offering the very best online customer service is a matter of survival.

Peppers & Rogers said they wished they had written the first edition. Now it's time for round two...

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: The Web Was Made For Customer Service
    Chapter 2: Customer Service In A Modern World
    Chapter 3: Publishing on the Web
    Chapter 4: Managing E-mail - When Customers Come Calling
    Chapter 5: Encouraging Customer Conversations
    Chapter 6: Measuring Your Success
    Chapter 7: Knowing Your Customers As Individuals-- Again
    Chapter 8: Extranets - Access to Live Information
    Chapter 9: Customer Relationship Management
    Chapter 10: Getting Started
    Chapter 11: Planning for Tomorrow


    The companies that have had the foresight, the resources and the necessity to tackle the difficult aspects of electronic customer service took an early lead. These companies did the surprising. They stretched the envelope. They broke the mold. They took one step beyond.

    It took serious competitive pressure, vision, and a unique understanding of client/server networking for these companies to pull ahead of the pack. 

    You'll always have serious competitive pressure. You can have vision. But today, everybody has been handed the World Wide Web. Now everybody has a way for their customers to reach them. Everybody has a new tool in their arsenal. Everybody is going to use it in different ways.

    The bar has been raised again. 

    We thought the motor car had changed the world and we were right. We thought the telephone had changed the world and we were right. We thought the computer had changed the world and we were right. Now, it's time for the Internet to alter the way we work and how we interact with our trading partners.

    You have the need, you have the connectivity, you have the competitors snapping at your heels. But most of all, you have customers demanding nothing short of the very best.

Who is This Book For?

This book is for the business professional who is responsible for customer relations and wants to learn how they can use the Internet to their advantage. People who need to stay on top of current trends will want to see how others are taking advantage of the Web. People who need to understand the technology and its potential so that they can create a business strategy, a marketing plan and a suite of support services for their company.

People responsible for public relations, customer relations, and investor relations will find instruction, insight and examples to help them plan their own interactive customer service strategy.

Large corporations can turn to this book to be sure they are taking best advantage of the Internet. Small businesses will quickly determine which methods are best suited to their needs. Everybody will find that modern customers are expecting more and more from their vendors and pick up fresh ideas on how to provide competitive customer service.

This book is for people who want practical advice and down-to-earth strategies.

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