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By Jim Sterne on May 14, 2023 in Articles by Jim Sterne

It's such an honor to be able to have a sit down with some of the most influential people in the digital analytics industry on my interview show: Marketing Analytics Live Online 


So far:

Gary Angel shared how he applied digital analytics wisdom to in-store people-watching

Adam Greco talked about the Adobe Analytics implementation analysis tool he invented

Tim Wilson did a career recap, extoled his love of R and his love/hate with attribution

Andy Crestodina explained why his book: Content Chemistry needed yet another edition and how to really measure blog posts

June Dershewitz spoke about the joys of having influence without authority

Piyanka Jain focused on the various types of data literacy at various levels in an organization

Lea Pica told her motivational story (of course) about trying to get people to take action on her insights

Tom Davenport disclosed his Davenport's Law of Common Information and discussed the results of his CDO/CIO/CAO survey

Anil Batra deliberated on the life-span of an analytics implementation and what additional tools he'd like to see on the market

Elea Feit described the perils of AI, the power of analogies, and her Bayesian, Causal Inference book club. 

Aurélie Pols and Cory Underwood discussed the policy and technical sides of online privacy

Sharon Flynn revealed that she keeps the dev tab open when shopping and her advice to her team members: You're Not Stupid, It's Hard.

Wil Reynolds explained his corporate culture philosophy and his dedication to giving back to the community. 

Lee Feinberg reviewed charts, graphs, the tyranny of visualization software, and how visualization is another language 

Jennifer Kunz proclaimed her love of detailed problem solving, and her best advice for anybody struggling with an Adobe Analytics implementation

And now available: Rand Fishkin spills the tea about the new video game he's working on and his hatred of incentives that drive analytics work and internal politics

Stay tuned next time to find out what drives Avinash Kaushik and where he's gone post-Google.

Marketing Analytics Live Online

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