World Wide Web Marketing

World Wide Web Marketing
World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Web Into Your Marketing Strategy

The bestselling guide to online marketing in a new, expanded edition. Popular speaker and author Jim Sterne provides marketing and advertising professionals with a valuable how-to guide to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive online world. Taking the same practical and detailed approach that has made his book an industry classic, Sterne shows how to apply classic marketing strategies to the latest technologies and explores the Web’s impact on the way we do business.

Readers will find expert guidance on how to take advantage of Web marketing tools that have emerged since the Second Edition was published, including:

  • – Interactivity
  • – Affiliate marketing
  • – Using B2B technology to sell through resellers
  • – Wireless marketing
  • – eMetrics, or how to measure online marketing strategies
  • – Data mining techniques

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