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Jim Sterne is a digital visionary and practical advisor, helping 

Companies become more data savvy 
Individuals take the next step in their career
Vendors communicate their value preposition
The Digital Analytics industry move forward

Data Literacy

IIn 1994, Jim turned all of his attention to the Internet with the sole purpose of helping companies use the Web to best advantage.

In 2000, Jim turned his attention to digital analytics as a way to improve the customer experience and the return on effort for the

Jim works with your team to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish in light of what’s possible online, what your competitors are doing, what your budget allows, and what your corporate politics can abide.

Whether you are looking to improve your analytics capabilities, understand how to leverage AI and Machine Learning, or are looking for personal career mentoring, call Jim at 805-403-4075 or send an email to discuss.


Jim thrives on understanding your software or service well enough to enlighten others. With a couple of dozen books and white papers under his belt, Jim has become adept at communicating just enough to make people feel comfortable, without drilling down into the obscure.

If your target audience is having trouble understanding your offering, call Jim at 805-403-4075 or send an email to discuss.


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