Analytics Cohorts

Analytics Cohorts

Mutual Mentorship in a Private Forum

I could not wait for this dose of inspiration, I have been looking forward to it all week!

- Monika Mesnage, Analytics Manager

It’s like thinking things over out loud… with non-judgmental feedback.

- Anonymous, because Chatham House Rule

I've enjoyed the Analytics Cohort experience so much that I became a returning participant - and did it twice. I can confidently say that it has been an invaluable and rewarding experience. Jim is an expert facilitator, and his broad range of analytics expertise allowed him to ask insightful questions that helped me approach challenges from new perspectives. 

One of the unique aspects of this program is the diversity of analytics practitioners involved. It enables you to listen and discuss unique real-world challenges individuals are facing, which made for an enriching learning experience.

I particularly appreciated that the atmosphere was always positive, energetic, and safe. Unlike many meetings that can leave you feeling drained, I left the Cohort meet-ups feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

               - Joe Brown, Digital Analytics & Channel Optimization Leader, Merck

I have made several 'investments' into my development this year, and this one has been the most valuable.

- Anonymous, because Chatham House Rule

Designed to Work for You

The ability to forge meaningful connections with peers is missing from online conferences. Whether you are the only analyst at your company, manage a large team, or are responsible for the entire enterprise, this program is a safe-space to find out how others are dealing with similar challenges. 

Analytics Cohorts felt more intimate and more honest than the traditional in-person conference. Connecting with others with years of experience made a huge difference. It was not just being able to bring my questions to this group that helped, it was getting the context that really delivered value for me.  I strongly recommend this group.

- Ashley Andrews, Marketing Project Lead

Peer Community

Lasting relationships are invaluable in our business lives. Professional camaraderie transpires at in-person events when you meet as strangers, connect as individuals, discover affinities as colleagues, and establish relationships that will last your entire career. Your professional network grows over time, filled with people who can help you and whom you can help, reinforcing professional and personal growth.

Digital Analytics is a lonely job; you're often the only ones in your organization who know what you do. It's useful to talk to other analysts. You know that feeling you have of: Have I missed a day in class or a memo? Does everybody know something I don't know? Or are these common problems? Also, I don't want to air my dirty laundry to my staff because I do have some worries. I love to hear how other people handle these issues.

- Anonymous, because Chatham House Rule

Analytics Cohorts discuss topics according to the needs of the participants and may include but are not limited to:

Qualitative and quantitative analytics, data capture, quality, and integration, multi-channel analysis, customer segmentation, testing, reporting, dashboards, optimization, predictive analytics, data visualization and presentation techniques.

The care and feeding of analytics professionals, KPI development, resource allocation, project prioritization, project management, measurement methodologies, analytics processes management, process automation, opportunity assessment, training and skills assessment, technology selection and implementation.

Strategy development, Analytics Center of Excellence design, managing data as an asset, data protection and privacy policy, data product development, organizational data literacy, culture, and governance, technology infrastructure, data science management, technology roadmaps, organizational design, global analytics alignment.

Applications now being accepted

Mutual Mentorship

Analytics Cohorts brings together small groups of people for mutual support and encouragement matched to your needs. Sessions focus on the trials and tribulations of individuals' hurdles with technology, methods, and/or personnel. One person holds the spotlight at a time while the rest offer insight, guidance, and assurance wrought from experience.

This is great for somebody in my position, since I am the Business Intelligence Unit here - in its entirety. Sometimes there's a very specific methodology used to solve a problem, and I don't have anything except the Internet to bounce that off of; searching through forums and sometimes digging through hours of code to get to something I'm sure others have tackled.

- Anonymous, because Chatham House Rule

Private Mentorships also available

Professional Network Development

In a mutual mentorship environment, you quickly learn about the skillsets and problem-solving capabilities of colleagues and they learn about your goals and ambitions. The peer you meet today may be just the right person for your team next year - or next decade.

You will have the advantage of using this curated gathering for moral support, references, and quality consultancy in addition to career support connecting you to a community of like-minded professionals.

Our Friday meeting was very inspiring for me (like each of them, but I think the positive effect is starting to accumulate now and that makes it even stronger). Going to be coming back to the recording and the notes!

- Alexandra Fedulova, Senior Digital Analytics Consultant 

Practical, Tactical Advice

Thought leadership is great - that's what TED Talks are for. But you're looking for the HOW to get things done. Analytics Cohorts is where you learn how to execute and hone your ability to make an impact. It’s where your peers offer real-world mobilization advice and are committed to helping you work through the obstacles.

Chatham House Rule

When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Applications now being accepted

The Greatest Benefit

You are in a position to help others. Nobody knows it all and you know things others do not. You can change a life with a word, a sentence, a shared experience. There is no better feeling than helping others get better at what they do.

I love having a group of peers where I can immediately bounce an idea and get some feedback. Measure.Slack is great for a lot of stuff, but sometimes it's figuring out how to deal with my boss's boss and I don't want to talk about that in the open.

- Anonymous, because Chatham House Rule

I was hesitant to join another learning group as time is always limited and I have been apart of analytics learning for many years. After meeting Jim at the Marketing Analytics Summit I was impressed with his breath and depth of knowledge in the industry. I knew I had to give Analytics Cohorts a try and it was very fruitful for me. Not only were there many notes and action items I took away, but forming a deeper connections with analytics colleagues is something that is very hard to find (even at in person events). If you are an analytics professional, Analytics Cohorts is where you need to be.

- Ryan Levander, - Rednavel Consulting

These people participated in previous Cohorts, just to give you a feeling for the caliber of conversation:

Manager, Digital Analytics and Performance Media
Director, Performance Marketing and Analytics
Lead Data Scientist
Technical Analytics Expert
Digital Analytics Manager
Senior Manager Digital Analytics
CEO Digital Analytics Consultancy
Senior Manager, Product Analytics
Director of Marketing Sciences
Web Analytics Specialist
Data Strategy Manager
Digital Analytics and Conversion Optimization Consultant
Commercial & Marketing Analytics Team Lead
Digital Analytics Managing Director
Director of Business Intelligence

Your Moderator/Guide Jim Sterne

An internationally known speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and tech entrepreneurs, Jim has been at the forefront of online marketing . He has devoted his attention to the Internet as a marketing medium, and building communities of online professionals since the early 1990's. His Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly eMetrics Summit) was the birthplace of the Digital Analytics Association.

Jim has authored books on Internet advertising, marketing optimization, email marketing, social media, web and data analytics and most recently artificial intelligence for marketing, has presented around the world and lectured at Stanford, Oxford and MIT. He is on the Advisory Board of a variety of innovative startups, and a Board Member of organizations including the Better Business Bureau, the Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation, and the peer-reviewed journal, Applied Marketing Analytics.

Jim has grown an unequaled professional network he can draw on to help you set up a program, tackle a burning issue, face a dilemma, or carve a career path. Having mentored hundreds of people around the globe his insight and currency are assured by his experience. Now, he brings his insights and perceptiveness into a group setting where he’ll guide and enable colleagues to help and holistically learn from each other. 

Jim’s ability to create space for self-discovery is remarkable and paves the path to a deep dive into overcoming one’s inner obstacles. Raw, authentic, and a steadfast champion, Jim has been a pivotal influence in my journey.

- Jennifer Mielguj, Portfolio Management, Program Design

As a mentor, Jim is insightful coming from his experience and expertise. However, I was more impressed by how efficient and effective he is at conveying his message.  He takes a practical approach to converting giant ideas into simple questions and bite size, digestible bits of information. Every time I leave a session with Jim, I am challenged and excited about the future.

- Leo Chen, Principal Analytical Lead

My time with the Analytics Cohort was a remarkable experience. The cohort becomes a source of support, strength, a sounding board for ideas, and a platform to learn from others. Opening up isn't always easy but if you can put in the effort and open your mind, the network of possibilities that can be unlocked is nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend the service as a critical step in the development (and self-care) of a career in digital analytics. Jim is an amazing moderator and exactly the right type of person to lead a group with empathy, diplomacy, and just the right amount of assertiveness to get an individual out of their comfort zone.

Also, if you do the math, it's cheaper than therapy.

*Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*: Come on! Do it now! 

- Muhammad Ali, Vice President, Analytics & Engineering  

The Commitment

Virtual Meetings are held

  • 2 times a month
  • For 90 minutes
  • For 6 months

Are you ready to join a peer community and curated experience with hands-on individualized support?

Applications now being accepted

Having had the opportunity to be part of Jim Sterne's Analytics Cohorts myself, I can vouch for the incredible value it offers. It's not just about the analytics skills you develop - which are, without a doubt, top-tier - but also about the unique perspectives and challenges shared by fellow participants. This exposure is something that's hard to find in everyday work settings.

Jim himself is an exceptional mentor. His approach, which involves challenging assignments and thought-provoking guidance, not only broadens your analytical thinking but could also spark new, unexplored paths in your career. For anyone looking to seriously advance in the field of analytics, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. To the lucky individual who will grab this last seat - you're in for a truly transformative experience!

- Chalsea Chen, CRM Analytics Manager

Not Happy?

Then I don't want your money and I will provide a complete refund.

Refunds are available for associates who have participated in all sessions and sincerely feel that their Analytics Cohort experience did not provide:

  • Personal Growth
  • Deeper Knowledge
  • An engaging Format
  • A Sense of Self Worth
  • Advantageous Relationships

Your influence on my career has been immeasurable (ironic?)

- Tom Wilkins,

What Do We Discuss?

That’s up to you.

Have a particular technical issue do you want to get resolved? Let us know.

Want to understand the larger concepts, and management issues around Analytics? Bring it.

Wondering why your career is where it is and want to know how to move forward? We can help.

Want to form an important bond with fellow analysts who become part of your cadre and can help you for the rest of your life? This is where you can find them.

Recap of the first Analytics Cohorts' private conversation
Private Analytics Conversation 1.2
1.3 - the Great Analytics Migration
Analysts Are Hard to Keep - Conversation 1.4
Here's a long list of topics

Each Cohort category meets for the same about of time, but the 'content' is the people with whom you will bond. If you are an analyst, designing an Analytics Center of Excellence isn't on your plate, so you wouldn't want to be in the Executive Cohort. If you are an Analytics Executive, you'll want to discuss topics with other Executives whose time is also at a premium.

Pricing: $1,250

  • Twice per month
  • For 90 minutes
  • For 6 months

Applications now being accepted

Analytics Cohorts Code of Conduct

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