Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Jim Sterne’s presentations are thoughtful, informative, high energy, and tailored to your needs. Jim has twenty-five years of experience delivering keynotes, seminars, workshops and moderating panels and conferences.

Jim has spoken all over the world at Comdex, MIT Enterprise Business Forum, Sales Force Automation Conference, International Design Festival, Internet World, Inc. Magazine: High Return Marketing Strategies, eMetrics Summit, eXchange, Digital Analytics Hub, Measurecamp, Superweek, Marketing Analytics Summit, and has lectured at Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, UCLA, and USC.

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Jim Sterne Keynote

The Keynote sets the tone at a public conference or a company meeting. Jim will work with you on the message you want to get across and the feeling you are trying to evoke in your audience.


Book Jim for a half-day or full-day seminar about online marketing, measurement, or social media for public or corporate education.

Seminar Subject Matter:

  • Measuring the Success of Your Website
  • Social Media Metrics
  • The Art of Analysis
  • Intro to AI and Machine Learning for Marketing


A full day of marketingmanagement training. To educate the old guard about the latest marketing tech and trends or, Jim designs his workshops around what you need, when you need it.

Panel Moderator

Jim is a seasoned conference panel moderator who prepares speakers so they know what to expect. He interviews them to find the most compelling and potentially controversial hot buttons and prepares a list of questions to prime the pump and draw the audience into the action.

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