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The Devil's Data Dictionary

Author: Jim Sterne

The Devil's Data Dictionary

In this modern homage to Ambrose Bierce, Sterne tucks his tongue firmly in cheek and lets loose on an industry only Dilbert could love.

With a mix of wry humor and outlandish sarcasm Sterne hits the datarati upside the head with a well-worn humerus bone and puts the pun in pundit.

Lavishly illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Yevgenia Nayberg.

The Devil's Data Dictionary Big Data
Big Data
The Devil's Data Dictionary Enterprise Data Warehouse
Enterprise Data Warehouse
The Devil's Data Dictionary Meta Data
Meta Data
The Devil's Data Dictionary Load Balancing
Load Balancing
The Devil's Data Dictionary Load Balancing
Load Balancing

Entries in this devilish dictionary include:

  • Algorithm: Regularly recurring remarks from the former U.S. V.P. who invented the Internet.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Fourth cocktail.
  • Big Data: Giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta, yadda, yadda.
  • Correlation: Coincidence confidently mistaken for cause.
  • Covariant: A dependent couple with the same deviation.
  • ... and that's just through the C's.

Perfect for the data-obsessed - and that might just be YOU!

98.7% funny
- Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy

Funny and in some cases probably true.
-Jeff Jonas, IBM Fellow

Jim has made data accessible to the masses since the dawn of the digital age. And now, he's making it funny. And, awesome.
-Avinash Kaushik, Google. Author, Web Analytics 2.0

All the fun you need is here, from A to W. Is that the definition of "missing data?
-Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College, Author, Competing on Analytics and Big Data @ Work

A masterpiece . . . I laughed, I cried, I - apparently - completely misunderstood everything about data and analytics.
-Ben Gaines, Adobe

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