Private Mentorships with Jim Sterne

If you are at a crossroads
If you are seeking your next career move
If you are looking for an experienced sounding board

Jim Sterne offers private, on-to-one mentorships to discuss careers, business issues, and personal growth.

These are the conversations you'd rather not have with friends, family, teammates, or higher-ups.

Through my one-on-one mentorship with Jim Sterne, I've learned how to use my strength to advance my career,  how to build up my confidence and to go out of my comfort zone. Being able to freely talk without judgment about my professional fears and weaknesses and learning to overcome them have helped me to take the path that I wanted for my career.
 - - Bengy Mathieu

Jim is exemplary and challenges you to go deep - uncovering blockages and things that need addressing in an empowering and supportive way. His encouragement is a shining example of how powerful mentorship is in expanding your mindset and in guiding one in breaking down perceived barriers on the pathway to recognizing your gifts and true potential. In a short period of time I’ve reached new heights that had been blocked for years. Thank you Jim!
- - Jennifer Mielguj 

Jim had the most direct impact on my professional growth over the last two years. He provided the critical advice and guidance I needed as I grew from a subject expert into a leader and eventually started my own company. Of course, I am always impressed by his depth and width of knowledge and his ability to serve as a thought partner during our mentor sessions. But I am most grateful for his caring encouragement and honest feedback. The safe space and thought container he created were critical for my growth.
 - - Leo Chen 

It's all about you.

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