Internet Marketing Consulting

Keynote Presentations

I’ve been speaking at conferences since the mid 1980’s and never tire of providing clarity to an audience. If your event is in need of a face-paced, well illustrated, enthusiastic presentation on digital analytics or AI in marketing, the hardest part is scheduling.

White Papers

As a professional explainer, I thrive on understanding what makes things work well enough to enlighten others. With a couple of dozen books and white papers under my belt, I’ve become adept at communicating just enough to make people feel comfortable, without drilling down into the obscure.

If your target audience is having trouble understanding your offering, I can help.

On-Site Workshops:

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
Web Goals Realignment Workshop
Web Site Success Measurement Workshop

In 1994, I turned all of my attention to the Internet with the sole purpose of helping companies use the Web to best advantage.

In 2000, I turned my attention to digital analytics as a way to improve the customer experience and the return on effort for the

I work with your team to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish in light of what’s possible online, what your competitors are doing, what your budget allows, and what your corporate politics can abide.

Give me a call at 805-403-4075 or send an email to Jim Sterne for scheduling.