“Einstein Was Wrong: Everything That Can be Counted Counts” – Jim Sterne, DAA

Recorded at SUPERWEEK 2016, February 2nd. SUPERWEEK conference is a unique, annual gathering of digital analysts and thought leaders of the Modern Web Industry.

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Jim Sterne on Human Ingenuity and Big Data Technology

Jim Sterne of Target Marketing on the roles that human ingenuity and big data technology play in delivering business solutions. To view other videos in the Expert Insights on Big Data playlist, visit http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD81E27EE37C8B530 To learn more about handling big data, visit http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/highperformanceanalytics-pblsorlando11.html

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Jim Sterne: Why Big Data has damaged digital analytics

MyCustomer.com caught up with Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Summit and the Digital Analytics Association at the recent London leg of the eMetrics Summit. Here, he tells MyC about how analytics has evolved, why Big Data has damaged the digital analytics industry, and what you can do to ensure your customers are happy about […]

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JUMP NYC 2013: Jim Sterne, Founder, The Digital Analytics Association

Almost 1,000 marketers attended the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York for Econsultancy’s JUMP 2013 event. We had a chance to speak to Jim Sterne, Founder, of The Digital Analytics Association, who gave us a couple tips for marketers. The agenda for the multichannel conference included speakers from the DAA, Nokia, The Economist, L’Occitane, and VEVO […]

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UX Poland 2015 Jim Sterne – AUGMENTING UX WITH DATA

Big Data has made it cheaper to keep information than delete it. But wha/t is its value to the user experience? Jim reviews what data can be collected and how useful it can be to improve customer response and satisfaction. From where they come from to what they look at to where they get frustrated, […]

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Sterne’s Eye View on the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Why does Jim Sterne produce the (http://www.emetrics.org/) eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit? Why does he find it so fascinating?

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Meet eMetrics Founder, Jim Sterne

Mike Grehan interviews Jim Sterne: Live On 65: Jim Sterne from Acronym on Vimeo. See more at: http://www.mikegrehan.com/?p=327

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