Web Metrics Workshop

  • Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.
  • – Albert Einstein
  • Physicist

How do you know you’re doing a good job?
How do you measure the impact of site changes?
How do you decide which initiatives are paying off?

Measure your progress – measure your success

The Quick Details

Duration: One day
Location: Your office or an off-site location near you
Workshop size: Limited to 15
Goal: To be discussed and agreed to in advance
What Will We Accomplish?

A one-day, Web Site Success Measurement Workshop with Jim Sterne will:

1. Illuminate dozens of specific Web metrics
2. Identify the most important metrics for your site.
3. Select and prioritize the metrics projects

That will:
Make the biggest difference
In the shortest time
At the least cost


  • 8:30
  • Welcome & Agenda
    What we are here to accomplish
    Introductions – personal goals
  • 9:00
  • The Web Metrics Continuum
    The Possibilities – The Limitations
  • 10:00
  • Corporate Focal Point OneAn in-depth look at an area of particular interest for the company
  • 10:30
  • Break
  • 10:45
  • Corporate Focal Point Two
    An in-depth look at another area of
    particular interest for the company
  • 11:15
  • Brainstorming Potential Online Goals
  • 12:00
  • Lunch
  • 1:00
  • Current Web Metrics Systems Reports What information is distributed now?
    What additional information could be distributed with little additional effort?
  • 1:30
  • How Current Web Information is Used
    How are Web statistics used in decision

    making? What’s working, and not working?

  • 2:30
  • Break
  • 2:45
  • Future Corporate Goals / Metrics
    What would we like to be measuring?
    How might we use that information?
  • 5:00
  • Close

Why a Workshop?

We’ve enjoyed experimenting – now it’s time to face facts. The problem is that we’re not sure which facts to face. We know there’s value there — but where, exactly, do we find it? What do we measure?

A one-day, Web Site Success Measurement Workshop with Jim Sterne will introduce your team to the wide variety of ways to gauge a Web site’s value. You know about clickthroughs and pageviews, but many more measurements can be very revealing.

A workshop is a little lecture, and a lot of work. A one-day, Web Site Success Measurement Workshop with Jim Sterne is not a pre-packaged set of PowerPoint slides and a motivational speaker. It’s an exploration of how to tell if your Web site is helping your company reach its goals.

The Philosophy

Your technical team is critical to your success, but defining that success is the responsibility of business managers.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce your team to the broad scope of Web measurement possibilities. It’s intended to be a guide through the labyrinth of viable appraisal methods.

We will work to determine what you wish to measure, and what you are technically, economically, and politically able to measure.

Who Should Participate?

Whether you are part of a central Web team, a member of middle management, a corporate executive, or one of dozens of organizations offering services to them, this workshop is intended to help you understand what’s possible to measure, in order to figure out what you should measure. A cross-section of participants is critical to ensure that a wide variety of goals are considered, that there is a clear understanding of what is technically possible and that proper expectations are established. Participants in previous workshops have been managers, directors, general managers, managing directors, vice presidents, and chief marketing officers. Their responsibilities have covered strategic planning, eMarketing, user experience, eBusiness, marketing, online communications, corporate brand management, Internet operations, site development, networking management, information services, business intelligence, Web analytics, and product management.