E-Metrics Business Metrics For The New Economy
Driven by the clear need for precise, informative indicators of e-business success, NetGenesis and Target Marketing conducted extensive interviews with senior executives from leading Web sites to uncover current best practices in e-business measurement.

A Day In the Life of a Digital Analyst (AT Internet)
Step into the shoes of John – a digital analyst on a mission to ask the questions that truly matter – and learn how to awaken decision-makers company-wide to the power of real-time, flexible data.

From Data Scientist to Data Artist
Data Sculpting to Shape Business Insights (Anametrix)
Discover the new role of data artist and understand the need, value and availability of powerful, flexible and affordable analytics tools that do not require an advanced degree in mathematics nor a team of information technology experts to use.

Text E-Metrics Analytics for Social Media (SAS)
Monitoring public conversations about a brand or a product requires heavy lifting from text analytics tools, and understanding the technical aspects of text analytics is a necessity for modern marketing executives.

Unlocking the Potential of Integrated Marketing Data (Teradata)
New technologies, new types of customer information and a shift to marketing accountability have created a perfect storm of competitive threat.

Accelerating Online Business Insights (Quantivo)
Competitive advantage belongs to those who more quickly turn web data into web intelligence.

We Know What You Did Last Summer But We Don’t Know Why (iPerceptions)
Measuring clickthroughs, pageviews and revenues is revealing, but it’s a bit like asking an in-store shopper how well they like your store based only on the time of day they came in, which departments they went into and how much they bought.

Real Time Use of Web Analytics for the Management of Online (SiteBrand)
After ten years of experimenting with online marketing and sales, the tools are finally catching up with the vision.

Customer Focused Product Personalization, Analysis and SKU-level Targeting System for Direct Marketing and Retailers (Aptex)
SelectSystem is a suite of analysis and forecasting modules that address the operation needs of direct marketers and retailers in today’s highly competitive market place.